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A true casino classic lets you play this game in the most convincing way possible. Maybe the most charming of all casino games, Baccarat's lure is what made it so popular among players. Although Baccarat was associated with intricate rules and impossibly high stakes in history, modern rules are relatively straightforward!


The three-reel video slot with five pay lines where wild symbols appear as a stack. These symbols go for any other but not for Scatters. You can win a Multiplier that is available throughout the game. A staked Wiled triggers it by landing on a spin.


Let's go back to the Wild West with a slot that featured 25 playlines and a progressive jackpot. You will receive an exciting gaming experience. In the background of an old wild west town, there are reels with whisky bottles, girls, guns, and gold!


You are against the dealer in a face-to-face poker matchup offering you plenty of chances to flex your strategic muscles. Each hand implies several decision points that make the game more challenging. But don't worry. Just practice more, and you'll succeed.


Time of total ban on alcohol and time of mafia bloom. Can you believe you can turn into a gangster, a stylish gentleman or woman, clime on the top of the criminals' mob, and outwit your rivals, depriving them of money? Do you think it's easy?